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Our enemies are re-promoting Lawrence Auster (Jew) now:

Auster’s First Law of Majority/Minority Relations in Liberal Society: The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior.

Now the fun part:

The First Law is about conspicuously different minorities who are perceived as minorities, and who are perceived as dysfunctional, unassimilable, alien or hostile. Since Jews are not generally seen these ways, except by anti-Semites, the First Law does not apply to Jews
It is not the same with, say, Muslims. Muslims, as Muslims, cannot be conformed to our culture. The relationship between Muslims and our culture is of an entirely different order from the relationship between Jews and our culture. Jews are assimilable. Muslims are not only not assimilable, but are commanded by their god to subject our society to Islamic law. The fact that a major non-Western group is intrinsically incompatable with and dangerous to our culture cannot be acknowledged by the liberal consciousness, because it would disprove the liberal belief in the equality and fundamental sameness of all human beings. Therefore the liberals must conceal the truth about Islam—the more unassimilable and hostile Muslims are, the more they must be praised and celebrated.
Far from being dysfunctional outsiders whose failures must be covered up, Jews are successful insiders.
because the Jews are highly successful and productive insiders rather than obviously incompetent or incompatible outsiders, the socialistic dynamic conveyed by the First Law—the more alien a group is, the more it is celebrated, the more undeserving a group is, the more it is given—does not apply to them

Thus to try to make the First Law be about the Jews—and especially, in Tanstaafl’s treatment, primarily about the Jews—would hopelessly confuse the issue and ruin the First Law as an analytical tool. It is but another illustration of how anti-Semites, because they see all issues through the filter of the Jewish issue, cannot see any issue truly.

I agree with Auster that his First Law does not apply to Jews. The difference between Auster and myself is that I want Western civilization to die. Therefore Jewish success by Western standards makes Jews inferior in my eyes, whereas Muslim dysfunction by Western standards makes Muslims superior in my eyes.

Those (such as Auster) who label anti-Western behaviour as "bad" behaviour are evil, because they are the ones deliberately trying to keep Western civilization alive despite all the evil it has done over the last 500+ years.




"Antiracism is no longer the defense of the equal dignity of people, but an ideology, a vision of the world," said the French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, son of Holocaust survivors.

"Antiracism has been transformed... At the time of the great migration, it is no longer a question of welcoming newcomers by integrating them into European civilization, but exposing the faults of this civilization".

Anti-racism was never about equal dignity. It was always a vision that racists deserve no dignity.

And is Finkielkraut suggesting that faults should not be exposed?



Based Bill’s Knowing Smile, You’re Going To Be Deported

Does the public know about revocation of naturalization, or as it is called in immigration law enforcement, denaturalization? Even my Google spell-check did not recognize denaturalization. Unlikely, but Based Bill knows about this, and he is dealing with the issue. Denaturalization is the process by which a naturalized citizen of the United States has their U.S. citizenship overturned in a legal proceeding in a U.S. District Court.

Previously, persons were denaturalized in an administrative proceeding, but in an unappealed District Court decision, it was required that such proceedings be done in a District Court. This is separate from deportation, as upon denaturalization, the now-again alien reverts to their previous immigration status, usually legal permanent resident, but is then usually subject to deportation proceedings

About Barr:

Barr was born in New York City in 1950. His father, Donald Barr, taught English literature at Columbia University before becoming headmaster of the Dalton School in Manhattan and later the Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York, both members of the Ivy Preparatory School League. Barr's mother, Mary Margaret (née Ahern), also taught at Columbia.[11] Barr's father was Jewish


"Jews are white-passing, not white"

"White-passing" implies that they are presumed to be "white" only while they are not known to be Jewish, and that after their Jewishness becomes known, they cease to be classified as "white". Is this the case?


Afrikaners Boer Cape Dutch Huguenots Armenians Belgians British Bulgarians Danish Germans Greeks Irish Italians Jews Afrikaner-Jews Latvians Lebanese Norwegians Polish Portuguese Swedish

Nice try.
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