Author Topic: JEWS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US!  (Read 11451 times)


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« on: July 16, 2020, 01:30:02 am »
“This throws all the non-Semitic "blacks" under the bus”
And all non-Hebrew Semites.

“ Wakanda fans (who want "blacks" to "prove themselves" by inventing a lot of machines)”
These are False Leftists. Fortunately, in “black” circles, such attitudes are already frowned upon, as it is seen as “acting white”.
(Note that while the above article refers specifically to Eurocentric mannerisms, the definition can be expanded to include the Wakanda advocates, who can be categorized as “thinking white”. In fact, they are no different than the reproductive Eurocentrists who are obsessed with “looking White”.)

“I hope you are correct”
If we can’t convince them to become anti-Tanakh (which is the logical conclusion of anti-Judeo Christianity i.e. anti-Western Civilization) in this generation, I am near 100% certain that we can convince the successive generation of (non Western of course) “blacks” to reject the tanakh, since by then we will (hopefully) have decolonized America and destroyed Western Civilization.
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