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Re: Progressive Yahwism
« on: November 14, 2021, 08:26:50 pm »
More broadly, there certainly seems to be motivation to replace capitalism, which is basically machine innovation driven by desire for profit, with an economic system of machine innovation for its own sake. False Left anticapitalists seem to be supporting this, as their anticapitalism was always about disliking capitalism for producing rich people rather than disliking capitalism for producing machines.

Currently, he said, the U.S. employs finance-based planning, which he said boils down to, "We are going to spend more money than they are."
Instead, Sekora has been pushing for technology-based planning
Sekora explained that technological advances occur when two existing technologies combine, and Socrates was to be used to create what he called "automated innovation."

It goes without saying that the new stuff once introduced can be further combined with the old stuff and with each other, so innovation will just keep branching out and never end.

According to Sekora, the U.S. has been at a self-imposed disadvantage due to a finance-based planning economic strategy that focuses on maximizing profits in the short-term rather than producing the best products to establish long-term market dominance. Instead of focusing on developing and acquiring the best technologies, the government focuses on dollars and cents.
"Technology-driven decision-making is an essential part of our defense modernization. Current incentives in the Pentagon lead to less innovation and more bureaucracy," Rogers said in a statement to Fox News. "Even a single failed test of a new technology can have serious consequences on officers’ careers. This attitude smothers innovation and reinforces using the same old ‘proven’ technologies that don’t meet modern threats."

Note also that the above line of argument against capitalism is not even that it makes some people too rich, but that it leads to sub-maximal innovation. In other words, if they continued to believe that capitalism was the best system for maximizing innovation, they would happily continue to be capitalists. It is only because they now suspect that a system other than capitalism is a better system for maximizing innovation that they want to dump capitalism. Basically, they want everything else to be secondary to maximizing innovation. In short, innovation is their new god. (See also the title of this topic.)
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