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Every time I visit this thread in particular I'm reminded of one of the old Superman movies I watched in my childhood, the Superman film where one of the villains gets turned into a cyborg at the end. That scene absolutely traumatized me in my youth:

Few scenes in any film have ever scared me as much as the one above did.

False Left anticapitalists seem to be supporting this, as their anticapitalism was always about disliking capitalism for producing rich people rather than disliking capitalism for producing machines.

Such a great point! Lest we also forget the primary motivation behind capitalist thinking has always been to have a fully automated work force so capitalists don't have to work, nor will they have to pay labor costs! The WALL-E film in a nutshell is literally where these capitalists want to go! They actually believe that this is a good idea!

It goes without saying that the new stuff once introduced can be further combined with the old stuff and with each other, so innovation will just keep branching out and never end.

Reminded of the Martin Heidegger quote again in regards to technology in it's essence being something man does not control.

Basically, they want everything else to be secondary to maximizing innovation. In short, innovation is their new god. (See also the title of this topic.)

Indeed! Take a good look at the above images because your new god probably looks something like that!