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Re: Homo Hubris
« on: March 24, 2021, 01:59:31 am »

Pastor: Slavery's Legacy Is "White Blessing"

You just cannot make this **** up!

How stupid do you have to be to believe that any form of oppression is a "blessing"? What a fucken coward!


This kind of **** is what I hate the most about rightists. Any time something bad happens to a non-white person, they immediately try to divert attention from the matter at hand by saying “Oh yeah? Well what about (insert white person who got killed)? Nobody cared about that.” Which yeah, is true to an extent. Non-white people being killed is what gets the media the most attention, and is also what brings the nation closer to the collapse that (((they))) want. But where were you when any of these non-white people were being killed? I never saw you spreading your condolences and condemning the mistreatment. If they really believed in the whole “Love for your own race doesn’t mean hate for any other” excuse that they like to spread around to defend themselves, they would have at least been out there with the protesters making sure that people know that black lives do in fact matter before bringing any of these cases of white people being killed to light. But for 99% of these people, it’s either complete silence or they post edgy memes about the incident. So yeah, screw the whole “white lives matter” nonsense. It almost comes off as narcissistic how much they pull the “Oh yeah? Well what about these white people?” card. Now, if only that person bothered to carry a rocket launcher rather than simply take a picture for social media


All men are created equal” sounds far more real when we’re talking about whites. And lest we forget, we know from the work of Ricardo Duchesne that we Europeans are descended from warrior-aristocrats who did battle on the Pontic-Caspian steppe for pure prestige. We are creatures of honor; in each European, there’s a king waiting to rise.

The problem of each European being a king, or at least a king-in-waiting, is that you can’t well, rule Europeans in an Asiatic manner.
How’s about this: Liberalism, but for whites, who are enshrined as metaphysically better and therefore worthy of the liberal society — something which is refreshingly well-grounded in the latest findings of neuroscience that whites, and in particular white men, have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes us more than just men, somehow closer to God than other races.
Racist liberalism, the idea that all white men are free and equal (but others aren’t) can strongly appeal to both the normie and the Dissident Rightist.

Exactly as I predicted:

The essence of this tendency is best described as Western plebian hubris: a refusal to recognize the existence of a few enlightened individuals incomparably superior to everyone else in the same society and who therefore deserve absolute authority as rulers, judges and other arbitrators. ... This plebian hubris was by no means egalitarianism; on the contrary, it merely replaced the qualitative belief in the superiority of high-grade individuals worldwide over low-grade masses worldwide with an ethnocentric belief in the superiority of “white” over “non-white” regardless of grade, implying, for example, precedence of ”white” commoners over even “non-white” royalty, which provided the psychological priming for the uniquely Western phenomenon of colonialism.