Author Topic: Western Civilization is UGLY  (Read 5210 times)


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Re: Western Civilization is UGLY
« on: December 25, 2020, 11:41:51 pm »
Our enemies do our work for us again:

Here are some of the buildings they praise:

Do any of these look even remotely American? No, this is just the exact same Homo Hubris jerkoff material (speaking of which, note the preponderance of phallic shapes) built by all the colonial powers from the Renaissance onwards.

In contrast, the buildings denigrated by our enemies:

(Compare: )

(Compare: )

(Compare: )

I see as clumsy but at least brave attempts to return to an American aesthetic, and thus infinitely preferable to continuing to allow Western architecture to occupy American soil.

(Our enemies also praise Stalinist architecture further down the Twitter thread:

This is evidence that Stalin was aesthetically a Westerner. Unlike, for example, Hitler: )

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