Author Topic: Western Civilization is UGLY  (Read 5216 times)


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Re: Western Civilization is UGLY
« on: February 02, 2021, 12:44:54 am »

Bernie Sanders very impressed by the chandeliers in the Moscow subway stations and by the Soviet “palaces of culture.” (Really.)

This is what Sanders likes:

Sanders is aesthetically a Westerner.


Not gonna lie, I almost had vertigo looking at some of those pictures. Nearly nauseating.

I knew it as well, just by observing his mannerisms and seeing his interactions with "non whites", not to mention his comparison of the predominantly African-American Baltimore to a "third world" country. Hopefully in the post Trump era others will be able to see this as well...


Sanders' socialism is about enabling poor people to enjoy the opulence that rich people already enjoy, whereas our socialism is about despising (and aiming to eliminate) opulence itself.

Yes, I too despise rich people who live opulently, but I despise just as much any poor people who wish they could live opulently. On the other side of the coin, I respect poor people who are genuinely content with living frugally, and I respect just as much any rich people who deliberately choose to live frugally.

(Proportionately, poor people content with living frugally seem to be as rare as rich people who deliberately choose to live frugally. In other words, the majority of the rich and the majority of the poor have similarly inferior blood.)

People who aesthetically prefer opulence are unromantic, period. And chandeliers are just glorified menorahs.


Hence why Sanders's socialism is called "democratic socialism".


Other leftists are only now beginning to catch on: ]
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