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I just don't even know what to say anymore. The name 'Socrates' comes to my mind almost every single day now. How can Westerners be this retarded?

Pamela Brown looks at GOP comparisons of Covid-19 mandates to Nazi Germany
CNN's Pamela Brown breaks down various Republicans comparing Covid-19 mandates to Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. #CNN #News

Nazi medicine and the ethics of human research
Baumslag explores in impressive detail how typhus was characterised by Nazis as the Jewish plague. Those who suffered from it were killed in huge numbers or isolated in unsanitary conditions, with inadequate food and medicine. In the concentration camps, typhus was allowed to flourish and pris-oners were deliberately infected with the disease to test typhus vaccines.

These are supposed to be your medical doctors, how can they be this stupid? If they're this dumb when it comes to history, how do we trust them with any other topic? Can they even read properly?
Epidemic typhus has historically occurred during times of war and deprivation. For example, typhus killed millions of prisoners in German Nazi concentration camps during World War II. The deteriorating quality of hygiene in camps such as Auschwitz, Theresienstadt, and Bergen-Belsen created conditions where diseases such as typhus flourished.

I guess if you're dumb enough to believe you actually have "white" skin and that Germans are foolish enough to make soap from typhus riddled Jewish corpses, then you're probably stupid enough to believe Germans would spread typhus around intentionally during a fucken world war of all things!?!? So, why did Germans use Zyklon B in order to fight typhus in the camps if they were supposedly spreading typhus around in the camps intentionally in the first place?

Here's a mental exercise for Westerners, are the corpses in the following picture Jewish corpses or German corpses, and how do you know?:

THIS is how absolutely ignorant Westerners truly are!!!

Another angle to the picture above: