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Re: Vaccination
« Reply #45 on: October 15, 2022, 11:46:46 pm »

The Nightmare COVID Variant That Beats Our Immunity Is Finally Here
A highly-mutated descendant of the Omicron variant of the SAR-CoV-2 virus that drove a record wave of infections starting around a year ago, XBB in many ways is the worst form of the virus so far. It’s more contagious than any previous variant or subvariant. It also evades the antibodies from monoclonal therapies, potentially rendering a whole category of drugs ineffective as COVID treatments.

“It is likely the most immune-evasive and poses problems for current monoclonal antibody-based treatments and prevention strategy,” Amesh Adalja, a public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told The Daily Beast in reference to XBB.

And Westerners will never learn:

The implication, of course, is that we’re eventually going to need another new booster in order to keep pace with the fast-evolving virus.

No, the implication is that you need to LOCKDOWN and stop all transmissions (and hence all further evolution) once and for all.

More and more health officials are coming around to the idea of an annual COVID booster. U.S. president Joe Biden even endorsed the idea in a statement last month. “As the virus continues to change, we will now be able to update our vaccines annually to target the dominant variant,” Biden said. “Just like your annual flu shot, you should get it sometime between Labor Day and Halloween.”

But one booster a year might not be enough if, as some epidemiologists fear, natural antibodies fade faster and the novel-coronavirus mutates at an accelerating rate. One concern, if it turns out we need twice-a-year new boosters, is whether industry can develop fresh jabs fast enough and health agencies can swiftly approve them.

It is mutating at an accelerating rate BECAUSE you are accelerating the rate of boosters!

The virus isn’t done with us. Which means we can’t be done with it. Get boosted. And be prepared to get boosted again in 2023.

And be prepared for this cycle of stupidity to continue until Westerners cease to be the ones in charge.
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