Author Topic: If Western civilization does not die soon.....  (Read 5141 times)


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Re: If Western civilization does not die soon.....
« on: August 22, 2020, 11:44:29 pm »
Our enemies again take time to remind us how Westerners think:

I suspect most people have particular topics that affect them profoundly and cause a welling up of emotion that most other people would find a bit strange. For me, the topic is space probes.
Maybe my reaction had to do with the fact that this machine, alone and hundreds of millions of miles from earth, had more value in terms of knowledge — was somehow more essentially human — than the vast majority of the globe’s population would ever be. ... There isn’t much to be proud of when we survey the current state-of-affairs in our society, but I think space exploration would earn us at least an approving nod from our ancestors. These little explorers are examples of the quintessential spirit of restless Western man that drives him to discover more, to risk all for the future, to go “the farthest.”
Most people who have heard of Voyager know the mission for its famed “Golden Record,” a golden-plated phonograph disk encoded with images, sounds, and music from Earth, meant to represent the “diversity” of its history and cultures to any extraterrestrials who happened upon either of the two craft. ... they could have left off the obscure African and Asian greetings in favor of a sonata or Shakespearean sonnet. We wanted to put our best foot forward, yes? Not all cultures and peoples had earned equal rights to speak to space aliens.

Again, the above is not satire.