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Re: Homo Hubris
« on: March 17, 2021, 11:30:11 pm »
As I keep saying, the fastest way to understand someone's value system is to look at which words they use to insult those whom they dislike. The following should leave us in no doubt that Homo Hubris is the perfect name for our enemies:

Meghan Markle was a mediocre actress of mediocre intellect with mediocre looks. She snagged a surplus prince and won herself a spectacular wedding, hijacking great White architecture and ritual with Black narcissism, crudity and entitlement.

Reminder: one day we must cover Buckingham Palace in the 'Western civilization is UGLY' topic.

Oh, what the heck, here is a quick link for now (a Westerner wrote the page title, obviously):

You could also hear mediocre Black narcissists around the world rushing to their keyboards to type passionate defences of Markle.
Mos-Shogbamimu went on to explain that “As a Black woman, I am so used to all the nuances of racism that vary from person to person. There is obvious racism, but there is also a more subtle form of racism, which can best be described as a form of white violence.” When racism becomes “more subtle,” it presumably doesn’t involve physical attacks. So how can “more subtle” racism be “best described” as “white violence”? Very easily, to the mediocre intellect of Mos-Shogbamimu.

That our enemies think only physical attacks count as violence reveals their total lack of honour.

Like Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle, Mos-Shogbamimu is a mediocre Black facing the grandeur and tradition of a great White institution.
the Monarchy remains a potent symbol of White Christian Britain and is still hated by those who want to destroy Britain and its traditions. Those who can’t create often wish to forget their inferiority by destroying what others have created.

No, we want to destroy what you have created because what you have created is inferior.

The mediocre Black historian David Olusoga has done exactly that.
And so, after Meghan Markle attacked the Royal Family, Olusoga joined the hysteria in (where else?) the Guardian and announced that the interview with Oprah Winfrey “is not just a crisis for the royal family — but for Britain itself.” Yes, that’s how serious it is when a mediocre Black actress claims that an unspecified royal had enquired, in unspecified terms and an unspecified context, about the possible future skin-colour of her semi-Black embryo.
Black mediocrities side with Black barbarism rather than White civilization.
Oprah and Obama, united in mediocrity
his fellow mediocre Black, the Guardian journalist Afua Hirsch, extolled his “candour and courage.”

How is it that mediocre Blacks like Markle, Olusoga, Hirsch and Mos-Shogbamimu wield such power and influence in modern Western societies? How did a mediocre Black like Oprah Winfrey become a billionaire and a mediocre Black like Barack Obama become President of the United States?
That’s why Morgan still has a place in the mainstream media. He’s pro-Jewish, even if he’s prepared to criticize a self-proclaimed Black victim like Meghan Markle. But he didn’t discuss Black narcissism, mediocrity and hatred of White civilization, which are still taboo subjects in the mainstream.
Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle may be mediocre in intellect, but they and countless other non-Whites have proved quite capable of learning and applying the central message of the culture of critique: White racism explains all White success and all non-White failure.
It’s a simple message for simple minds and it will destroy the West unless it is firmly and irreversibly defeated by the truth. Whites are not the world’s greatest villains, but the world’s greatest creators. And they have a right to live in their own nations free of envious and hate-filled Black mediocrities like Meghan Markle and David Olusoga.

No, you are the world's greatest villains BECAUSE you are the world's greatest creators:

It is precisely the Western fear of mediocrity that has motivated Western civilization's transformation of the world (done without the consent of everyone else, in other words violently) into the monstrosity of complexity that it has become. And you think you are insulting us by calling us mediocre? You are only confirming to us that you are Westerners.